Using the Nokia 5110 LCD with an Arduino

In many cases, a display can be necessary or a great addition to an Arduino based project, so today we are going to go through the steps of setting up a Nokia 5110 LCD for use with an Arduino. In this case the Arduino Nano, however, the process is the same for other popular boards like the Uno or Mega.

The Display


This LCD was once used in the Nokia 5110 mobile phone and so is referred to the “Nokia 5110 LCD” or just “5110 LCD”. It usually comes on a red or blue board as in the picture and they should all function the same. The display says it operates within the range of 3V to 5V which makes it perfect for use with a 5V system such as an Arduino, however, I find it better to connect it to the 3.3V supply rather than the 5V.

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